Feb 25 -

So my best friend found this at the local Goodwill (lol I know) and I’m trying to figure out where it might have come from. Obviously it’s for some sort of ceremonial magic. Is it Masonic? I recognize the pentagram, the word “Tetragrammaton” (referring to the Hebrew name of God), the sun symbol, Eye of Providence and…is the bird supposed to represent the Holy Guardian Angel? The higher self? What?

Please, if you have any insight, tell me more. What would this be used for in a ritual setting, who might have used/worn it, what do the sword and dots and squiggles mean? I love it, but I don’t feel comfortable displaying it or using it if I don’t understand all the symbolism.

Edit: A friend of mine informed me that the “front” is more or less Eliphas Levi’s pentacle. So it makes a little more sense with a quick Google search. I’m going to assume that the bird refers to the higher self or the HGA. (Furthermore, the article I linked to said that one of the Hebrew words is KPR, which is a word I associate with the Egyptian scarab-sun god of regeneration. Possible connection?)

Damn I'm spooky.